About the Author


Gail C. Goldberg – children’s author/artist

Taught young children for over 30 years, retired, but still teaching!

Wrote and painted Animals A-Z: Poems for Early Readers

Co-Wrote with brother Randy, and painted Months and Seasons: Poems for Young Readers

With the books are original artwork 13 by 19 which come from the paintings in the two books.

Contact Gail C. Goldberg for author readings and presentations

Email address: gigiconsulting@aol.com
Therapy Dog work with Gail’s certified Therapy Dog, Biscuit
Gail has a beautiful Great Pyrenees Therapy Dog (a rescue) who she volunteers with all over the Atlanta area.  She and her dog, Biscuit, interact with children in the Therapy Dogs’ Tail Waggin’ Tutor program where children read to a dog so they can improve their reading through practice.

Gail founded “Biscuit’s Books: Early Literacy Begins at Home”. This is a program where people donate books to Biscuit and Gail and they, in turn, get them into the hands of children everywhere they visit.  The books go home with the children to promote Early Literacy. The donations have come from many places and people.  Most recently, they received 2000 books from Atlanta Academy in Roswell!  Other schools have been Amana Academy, Winnona Park Elementary, International Pre-School, Kingsley Elementary and Academy of Excellence.

Contact Gail: gigiconsulting@aol.com or www.gailgoldbergbook.com

Purchased books and giant prints are signed and can be pre-bought before Gail’s presentations where she can speak with the children and answer questions they may have.

Gail and Biscuit have been featured on Ch. 2 news in January of 2014, written up in 3 local magazines, seen on Georgia Tech Web Cam program and featured in Wesleyan College Alumnae magazine (spring/summer issue, 2015).


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