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Great news!  Come visit Gail and her brother Randy on September 3 through 4 at the Decatur Book Festival.  Gail and Randy attended Decatur High School and are now returning to Decatur with a total of three books for young children.  Randy gave Gail support during the 2 year writing of Animals A-Z: Poems for Early Readers, and got more involved with Months and Seasons: Poems for Young Readers.  He helped write some of the poetry in the book which took a year to complete.  Both brother and sister believe that Early Literacy Begins at Home and with these books filled with information for young children they also become great text books for teachers and family members. They are so passionate about reaching the young,that they wrote and illustrated together Learning is Fun: Poems for Young Readers. This book is made up of all the objectives for young children and their educators.  Science is evident in all three books and talk about a great gift for teachers!  The three books can be bought in a kit ready to go into any classroom in Decatur or anywhere!  Looking forward to seeing you all in early September.  Gail and Randy


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Consultant: Gail C. Goldberg, Eds

Exploring Expression Through Art and Drama

A workshop using ANIMALS A-Z: Poems for Early Readers and the Giant Prints

Gail C. Goldberg, EdS

This summer (2014) I was invited to teach a workshop at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center in Roswell, Georgia.  My assignment was to “do something” with children for one hour between puppet shows.  So, I thought of using my book, ANIMALS A-Z: Poems for Early Readers, and my giant prints as my teaching tools.  The lesson was about exploring our emotions through the arts. The children chose a favorite animal from my book, acted its motions out and made the animals’ sounds. Then, at the end of the workshop, the children made simple puppets with the finale of going onto the stage to dance and sing. Each child got to choose a favorite dance move where the children followed and moved their puppets all around.

I had two wonderful assistants who handed out the drawing materials and helped cut the puppets out from the card stock paper.  A string was attached in two holes at the top of the 8 – ½ inch page.  We used clip boards as miniature surfaces where the children could press down hard on their drawings while resting on the carpet of the theatre.  The children could choose any kind of animal or character for their puppet.  Many copied images from my book.  Others made puppet friends from the show and others drew their pets.

The workshop was listed for children 3-6 but we had older and younger ones coming to enjoy the activities.  The younger sisters and brothers would come with the older child and their parents would let them have fun too.  It all worked out very well.  We had well over 100 children registered and probably as many who attended.  Several children came more than once and one little boy wrote me a book about dogs and brought it to me on his third visit.  That was such a thrill for me.

My book, ANIMALS-A-Z: Poems for Early Readers and the giant prints work extremely well as affective teaching tools. The children could hear the rhyming words and the science in each poem.  The learning that took place in an hour was full of sharing emotions, acting as animals and dancing on the stage.  The stage was the finale we needed in this setting.  The Roswell Cultural Arts Center is a beautiful theatre with over 300 seats.  We were fortunate to be able to work in such a lovely and professional environment. Sarah Chandler, Coordinator, was a wonderful host to us and supporter of our work.  Her staff made the workshop a time to look forward to.

I recommend using my book and my giant prints as teaching tools with many age groups.  There were two 9 year old boys who came twice too, so, the ages really just depend on the children.  Contact me at to buy my book or giant prints.  The book is $20 and the giant prints are $12 or 3 or more for $10 each.  They are wonderful additions to media centers where teachers can check them out for lessons on the alphabet, animals from around the world and colorful illustrations to add to any setting where children come.

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